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Within an ocean of boating options available, we bring you the best options for boat charter in Sesimbra.

The Boats

  • Clean and Safe Service
  • Catering options
  • Bare boat or with crew
  • Insurance
  • Wifi
  • Music

100% refundable

Need to cancel or rebook ? All bookings can be changed or cancelled and refunded.

best boat charter in lisbon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel the booking ?

Yes. Bookings can be canceled any time. About the refund, you will receive 100% if you send an email to LisbonYacht at least 30 days before the event date. If it’s less than 30 days, you will be able to rebook the event but cannot receive refund.

Clean and Safe – What’s it about ?

All of our operators comply with Clean and Safe procedures, which are regulated by Public Health Department from Portugal.

Can I pay with credit card on board ?

Most of the operators have credit card machines on board.

Bare boat charter or with crew ?

We have options for both, please tell us what you would like to charter.

What should I wear and bring ?

All detailed informations will be given to you when booking.

Can I extend the renting ?

Yes, with prepayment and if there are no other events after.

Navigation restrictions ?

Each operator has their own policies. When booking the boat we will be clear about all this details.

Boat types ?

Sailing Boats, Sailing/Motor Catamarans, and Motor Yachts.