Big Groups

Boats up to 200 guests

Large group boat party in Lisbon

Organizing a big boat party can be a fantastic and memorable experience. Whether it’s for a special celebration, a holiday gathering, or just a fun day out on the water, here are some key steps to help you plan a successful big boat party:

Define the purpose and theme for the boat event:

Determine the reason for the party (e.g., birthday, anniversary, holiday celebration).Choose a theme if you want to add a special touch (e.g., tropical, nautical, costume).

Choose the Right Boat:

Select a boat that can comfortably accommodate your guest count.

Consider the amenities on board, such as a spacious deck, seating areas, and entertainment options.

Set a Budget:

Establish a budget for the boat rental, catering, decorations, entertainment, and any additional expenses.

Boat renting prices range from 40€ – 120€ per guest, depending on the chosen extras.

Book the Boat in Advance:

Contact us early to secure the desired vessel on your preferred date.
Confirm the boat’s capacity and any restrictions or requirements.

It’s recommended to book the boat with a minimum of 6/8 months period for the event date.

Invite Guests:

Create and send out invitations well in advance, including all relevant details (date, time, location, dress code, etc.).
Utilize digital invitations or event management platforms for easy RSVP tracking.

Catering and Drinks:

Arrange for catering services that fit the theme and preferences of the party.
Consider options for both food and drinks.


Plan entertainment activities such as a DJ, live music, or a playlist curated for the event.
Consider bringing along games or activities that suit the boat setting.

Plan the add-ons:

Enhance the event atmosphere by decorating the boat according to your chosen theme.

Contact us to receive all the recommendations and options for your event.

Photography and Memories:

Arrange for a photographer or encourage guests to take and share photos.

Set up designated areas for photo opportunities with props or decorations.

Events for more than 50 guests will have photographer included.


Provide clear information on transportation options to and from the boarding location.
Consider arranging shuttles or transportation services if needed.