• Lisbon
  • 2 to 8 hours
  • 2 to 150 guests

Boat party in Lisbon

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There are 2 options !

Private boat party in Lisbon

10 Tips For Having the Best Birthday Party Ever

Private boat party is a great option for having a boat just for your group.

There are options of boats up to 12 guests, 14, 16, 18, 40, 55 and 140.

All the boats have:

  • Crew included
  • Sound Systems
  • Toilets
  • Spaces for dancing
  • Sitting areas


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Shared boat party (ticket)

Party boat Lisbon

Enjoy a boat party on a big boat in Lisbon!

This event is a shared event, you are buying a ticket for the “Lisbon Boat Party” event that happens on certain dates announced on the calendar.

Please read this information before contacting:

Price: 35€ per guest

Duration: 4 hours (6pm-10pm)

Route: The boat departs from a marina in Lisbon. It will do a round tour around Lisbon shore, and return for same departure point.

Drinks: Includes 1 welcome drink + 1 long drink. More drinks available to purchase on board, as well as appetizers.


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best boats for boat parties in Lisbon

Anniversary boat party

bachelorette boat party

Anniversary boat party it’s an amazing way to celebrate the date with your best friends and family. The boats have all necessary equipments (kitchen tools and cutlery) sound system, wifi, toilets. Party decorations can be adapted to the boats (balloons and naming).


Contact us directly for our Whatsapp: +351 931 369 217

Stag boat party

Stag boat party

This is a top seller!

Most of the boat parties that we organize are stag or hen parties. Enjoy with your friends, on a boat in Lisbon! You will have great moments on board. Our crew is ready to receive you!

Contact us for our WhatsApp with this information: Date, Schedule and Number of Guests.

Do you have something in mind ? Special catering, strippers or other requests? Please contact us on the chat so we can present you the best options. Prepare to have a great time on board, far away from the attentions from land!


Contact us directly for our Whatsapp: +351 931 369 217

Boat Party with a Swim

Lisbon boat party

When the boat is anchored you can go for a swim. A long rope will be thrown to the water with buoys.


Contact us directly for our Whatsapp: +351 931 369 217

booking a boat party in lisbon

Book your boat party in Lisbon with LisbonYacht. You will love the experience.

If you need to see the boat before booking it, we can arrange a visit.

Day of the event

On that day, our team will get you on board, as planned. Transfer services can be arranged.

Main Routes for the boat party

River cruises in Lisbon

Anchoring is the best option to have a great boat party. If you prefer, the boat can be running during all the event.

Anchor Area 1 – This area is 45 minutes from Lisbon, a protected anchor bay where you will be pleased with the beach view and a beautiful yellow fortification near the beach. The area is calm and safe for swimming.

Anchor Area 2 – This area is 90 minutes from Lisbon. Cascais has a big bay, beautiful views over the village and beaches. It’s wind protected most of the year. If you are lucky dolphins can appear along the way and get close to the boat. Recommend for 6 to 8 hour events.

Preparing your boat party in Lisbon

Where is the meeting point ?

The meeting point for this Boat Party in Lisbon will be on a marina in the area of Belem or Alcantara in Lisbon. The accurate location will be sent to you by email when booking.

If you have special desire to do this hen boat party in other parts of Portugal, like Cascais, Sesimbra or Algarve, it can also be arranged.

The boats are clean ?

Yes, all the boats are clean!

Right now there are extra measures for cleaning and disinfecting all the points of contact inside the boats.

Music – How to does it work ?

Most of the boats have a bluetooth standard connection.

The best suggestion is preparing your playlists and bring them already downloaded on your the device.

As everyone will have access to the WIFI, it can get slower downloading the music at the same time as all the other guests use it.

Can we bring our own catering ?

Yes, but most of the time and for the price and convenience it’s better to hire this service from us.

You will just enjoy the Lisbon boat party, and will not be worried about this details.

About the prices, the drinks catering it’s around 12/15€ per guest. The barbecue catering it’s around 20€ per guest. All details can be sent to you.


Buy a ticket for the Lisbon Boat Party event!

This event starts from a Lisbon harbor in Alcântara area, it will sail slowly along the river, with DJ music animation! 1 welcome drink is included on this event, and you will have lot’s of fun!

Reasons to join the Lisbon Boat Party

  1. It’s cheaper to get 1 ticket if you are on a small group (less than 4 guests)
  2. It already includes a welcome drink
  3. You will meet new people
  4. DJ music is included

Reasons for booking a private boat party in Lisbon

  1. You will have a boat only for your group
  2. You can choose the music
  3. You can choose the route
  4. You can take your own drinks and catering
  5. If you can take more friends with you, the price will be very similar to a ticket from Lisbon Boat Party