New years eve on a sailing boat in Lisbon

New Years Eve Sailing Boat in Lisbon


Have you ever had a New Years Eve on a boat in Lisbon ?

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What will happen on this event?


New Years Eve Sailing Boat in Lisbon


There are 3 options:


Private Sailing Boat (up to 12 guests)

You will experience sailing at night on the Tagus River, and enjoy the beautiful views over the city.

The boat will depart from Belém (gps location shared after booking) and follow close to the shore until the Commerce Square and Alfama.

From the water you will be on a prime location, with an amazing view over the city. The firework show seen from the water it’s breath taking!


Shared Boat Party in Catamaran up to 60 people

If you want to have a real party with other people and have a lot of fun, this is a good option for you.


Fireworks in Lisbon

New Years Eve Sailing Boat in Lisbon


At midnight you will be delighted with the fantastic firework. The boat will be placed on the best spot for admiring this fantastic show!


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10 tips for celebrating new years eve on a boat in Lisbon

Celebrating New Year’s Eve on a boat can be a unique and exciting experience. Whether you’re on a yacht, a sailboat, or any other type of vessel, here are some ideas to make your boat-themed New Year’s Eve memorable:


1. Decorate the Boat:

Use nautical-themed decorations like anchor garlands, blue and white streamers, and fairy lights.
Add some sparkle with New Year’s Eve decorations such as balloons, banners, and confetti.


2. Dress Code:

Encourage guests to dress in nautical or maritime-themed attire. Think sailor outfits, captain hats, or beachwear.


3. Fireworks Display:

Check local regulations and safety guidelines before planning a fireworks display. If permitted, organize a stunning fireworks show to ring in the new year.
Cruise Under the Stars:

Take a midnight cruise to enjoy the night sky and fireworks from different vantage points. Ensure that the boat is in a safe location for viewing fireworks.


4. Themed Food and Drinks:

Serve seafood platters, sushi, or other nautical-themed dishes.
Create signature New Year’s Eve cocktails and mocktails. Consider naming them after famous boats or nautical terms.

5. Live Music or DJ:

Hire a live band or a DJ to provide entertainment on board. Make sure there’s a designated dance area for those who want to groove to the music.


6. Countdown Activities:

Create a countdown clock and announce the New Year’s arrival with enthusiasm.
Provide party favors such as hats, noisemakers, and glow sticks for the countdown.


7. Reflective Time:

Take a moment for reflection as you cruise into the new year. Share resolutions or positive thoughts with your fellow passengers.

8. Midnight Toast:

Have a champagne or sparkling cider toast at midnight. Consider plastic flutes for safety on the water.


9. Games and Activities:

Plan some boat-friendly games such as a nautical trivia quiz or a best-dressed sailor contest.


10. Photo Booth:

Set up a photo booth with fun nautical props for guests to capture memorable moments.

Remember to consider the size and stability of the boat, as well as the preferences of your guests, to ensure a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebration on the water.