Planning a gender reveal party ? Here are the top 5 ideas to plan the best gender reveal party.


Planning a gender-reveal party is not what you do every day, so it’s important that you make it as memorable as possible.

However, the main question is how to plan a gender-reveal party with pocket-friendly expenses. If you haven’t had to plan any reveal party or if it’s your first time getting one together, it might be somewhat tiring. Knowing the theme, what to wear, whom you invite, what to have on ground alongside other important features of the party could become overly stressful if not properly planned.

Hence, it is essential that you understand the know-how of the entire party. Irrespective of whether it’s a boy or a girl, a guest will always be somewhere around the party waiting for the news. Who knows, it could be both of them at once.

Planning to share this memorable day with friends will require an extra level of preparedness, and it’s essential that you understand how to put things in other before, during and after the day.

If this is your first, sit back and pay rapt attention to some of the tips you need to note when planning a gender reveal party.


Having all of these factors will help ascertain how successful the party is going to be, so, pay attention.


1. Choose the venue:

If you are all about uniqueness, how does a gender reveal party on a boat sound like? Great, yes?! You could have your gender reveal party on a sunset boat cruise with friend and family. You could have selected friends over on the cruise alongside you and your family to partake of this memorable event.

Having this party on the boat will not only mean uniqueness but also a sense of accomplishment, especially if your partner loves adventure. So, have your reveal party organized on the boat without having to worry about venue and decoration. All of these could be enjoyed as part of the grand package for having it on a boat.

2. Pick a date for ultrasound:

Once you’ve chosen your preferred venue, you might want to proceed to choosing a date for the ultrasound. Like you must have known, ultrasound is done around the 18-20 weeks during the second trimester.

So, before making any elaborate plans, you must first ensure you’ve had the ultrasound because they would aid in your preparation and choosing of themes.

Also, you know whether you should be preparing for one or two or more. Ensure that you don’t take the ultrasound before the 20th week because it won’t capture the baby’s gender by then.

If you do this, and you go on with preparation, you might have to cancel if it comes out opposite at the end of the day and you don’t want that on such a memorable day.


3. Choose your attendees:


As mentioned above, a reveal party is not the same as the party where you have bulk of attendees. All you need is a few families and friends around to witness this memorable day with you.

As simple as this sounds, it’s one of the ideas and tips to note when considering how to plan a gender reveal party. Also, you should note that the more the people in attendance, the more elaborate you must plan.

So, ensure you keep the plans as restricted as possible to just close friends and family. One of the few means of spicing things up is by having them fill a survey alongside their invitation whether you’d be having a baby girl or a baby boy.

Those who guessed right might get to give the baby a name, or anything even more interesting.


4. Ensure you have a theme:


Choosing a theme should be in respect to whom you’ll be inviting or the gender of your baby. The two popular themes are blue and pink and you could have yours just as simple as these two.

However, if you don’t, you could also go for a gender-neutral theme since it’s still about you revealing your baby’s gender.

Irrespective of whatever you choose, ensure you have decorations in line with the theme and plan accordingly.


5. Ensure you document the event:


Having the event documented should be one of your topmost priorities. A gender reveal party is an integral part of the child’s life when they finally grow up. So, ensure you have the event covered with pictures and videos.

This will also serve as a reference for you in planning another reveal party. All you will need to do by then is to watch the previous video of the last reveal party, add and or remove according to discretion.


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