Going on a Lisbon boat tour is just plain good for the soul. The sense of the tranquility and peace of gently rocking on the wave is undeniable. In addition to these pleasures, you’ll be able to see the beautiful city of Lisbon, with its serene picturesque environments. There is absolutely no reason not to want to go on a boat tour anytime you are in Lisbon. If you decide to go on one but are wondering what to do, then let us help you decide. In this article, we would be sharing five places you can see during your tour.

What can you see on a Lisbon Boat Tour
What can you see on a Lisbon Boat Tour





1. Tower of Bélem

The Tower of Belém is a mighty fortress worth seeing when you visit Lisbon. The Tower of Belém is a historic symbol of Portugal’s maritime heritage that goes way back to the early 16th century. It is located about six kilometers or four miles west of the city center, which is at the banks of the Tagus River. What makes this tower so unique is that its stately face can be viewed when you go on a river cruise.

And the best part is that no matter what time of the year you decide to go on a Lisbon boat tour, you can enjoy the picturesque and historic monument of the Tower of Belém. For the best scenes for pictures, visit the tower at sunrise or sunset and get to witness the dramatic facade.

2. Discoveries Monument

The Discoveries Monument is another location you should consider visiting when you go on a Lisbon boat tour. The Discoveries Monument is also located on the Tagus River but to the northern bank. The Monument dates back to 1940 but was later rebuilt twenty years later. The Monument is a part of the Portuguese World Exhibition but built with perishable materials. Its original construction was made with wood, but later rebuilt with cement and rose stone. What makes this location such an amazing location to visit is that from here, you can view the impressive western side of the neighborhood.

What’s even more interesting is that at the foot of the Monument is a beautiful marble mosaic with a compass on it showing the world map in the center.

3. 25 de Abril Bridge

If you haven’t visited the 25th of April Bridge when you are on Lisbon boat tours, then you are truly missing out. This bridge is one of the most popular tourist destinations for obvious reasons, its scenery is simply spectacular. The bridge was an inspiration from the Gold Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is located on the Tagus River, and when you look east of the river, you’d see how the Tagus River broadens into a bay that is 11 kilometers, or 7 miles.

It is one of the longest bridges in Western Europe serving as one of the main roadways into the city since its construction in the mid-1960s.

4. Christ Monument

When you go on a Lisbon boat tour, you will be able to see the Christ Monument. Note that the best picture of the Monument can be taken from the water. The statue of the angels on the Monument is just pure stunning. This monument was first approved in a Portuguese Episcopate meeting in 1940 and was built as a representation of a plea to God for releasing Portugal from entering World War II. Although the idea to build the Monument was first conceived when the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon visited Rio de Janeiro in 1934 – when you even take a close look at the two Monuments, you’d see the resemblance.

5. Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio is a vast waterfront square worthy of its hype. Taking pictures from this uniquely amazing location is memorable. Also known as Terreiro do Paço, or Palace’s Square, it is the location where the royal palace stood for more than two centuries till 1755. While it was destroyed in 1755, and the royal family moved to the district of Belém, the new arcade served as a port of entry to the city. Since 1910, this square has been classified as a National Monument of Portugal. To the north side of the location is the triumphal arch, while at the center of the square is a bronze statue of King José.


The best option for a boat tours in Lisbon is the following boat:

What can you see on a Lisbon boat tour?

On the next images you will see the main routes for Lisbon Boat Tours.

Lisbon boat tours
Lisbon boat tours

The route 1 covers the essentials for Boat Tours in Lisbon, and you will check all the previous points of this list, plus some extra great views.

The route 2 adds up some extra miles in direction of Parque das Nações, a modern area of Lisbon on the NorthEast side.

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