Ready to receive you!

Nowadays Lisbon is totally ready to receive tourists from all over the world. From tuk tuks to stylish hotels and restaurants.

The city is one of the most secure cities of the world which means that it’s a great option to travel with the kids as well.

How to plan your staying in Lisbon

Our advice, if you pretend to visit Lisbon and the main landmarks, it’s 3 days minimum.

Day trips

1. Boat tour in Lisbon

Most of the tours are guided. You can also opt for a relaxing morning/afternoon on board. Meals can be prepared!

2. Visit Oceanarium Fish Tank

This beautiful fish tank is located here. You will see a huge variety of marine species from Sharks to streak or otters.

3. Half a day transfer tour in Lisbon

Hiring a private transfer has it’s advantages as you don’t have to be looking for car rentals or worried about parking the car when you arrive somewhere. Our partner will guide you wisely around the city so you can enjoy the best of it in half a day. The routes are presented as discussed with you before.

4. Full day transfer in Sintra

Very similar to the previous one, this private transfer will guide you around Sintra and it’s amazing views. This village can be very tricky during the high season, as some streets are one way only and it’s good to go with an experienced driver. The drivers are also local guides.

5. Tuk Tuk in Lisbon

This is the easiest way to go up on the narrow streets of the old Lisbon. You can opt for this tour and conciliate with a lunch with a view, or another wine experience in the middle.

6. Bike Tour in Belém

This area is one of the most wonderful views you can experience in Lisbon. As it’s easy to cycle on this area, you will enjoy going from the Tower of Belem up to the Bridge. There are some nice restaurants on the way and small kiosks for little break. The electric scooters are also an option and they are easily found.

7. Walking Tour in Lisbon

There are plenty of locals willing to guide you trough the historical facts of the city. Actually this is the best way to feel the heart of the city and know more about it. If you need any recommendation please contact us.

8. Try the local food

Try the local food. Avoid the tourist traps! Check here the best options we have prepared for you.

9. Lisbon train to Cascais

From here, you can go up to Cascais, and there is no mistake, Cais do Sodré (Lisbon) is the starting point, and Cascais is the last stop! One tip, some trains go faster to Cascais as they only stop on some stations.

10. Explore Belém area

There are plenty of attractions around this area. Tower of Belém, Discoveries Monument, Jerónimos Monastery, Ajuda Palace, Electricity museum, and more. The gardens of Belém are also a wonderful walk. A famous bakery store “Pasteis de Belém” is also located near by and we really recommend that you try there best sellers!