Bachelorette boat party in Lisbon

Rent a boat with crew with surprising addons!

Lisbon's scenic charm, dancing waves: Ultimate bachelorette boat bash!

Ultimate bachelorette boat bash!

Imagine embarking on a bachelorette adventure like no other in the stunning city of Lisbon. With its captivating blend of historic architecture and modern vibrancy, you and your closest friends set sail on a luxurious boat, surrounded by the glistening waters of the Atlantic.

The breathtaking coastal landscapes pass by as you dance to the rhythm of the waves, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of joy and excitement. Lisbon’s unique charm complements the celebratory mood, making this boat bash the ultimate way to honor the bride-to-be and create lasting memories of laughter and togetherness.

The meeting point for this Hen Boat Party in Lisbon will be on a marina in the area of Belem or Alcantara in Lisbon. The accurate location will be sent to you by email when booking.

If you pretend to book the hen boat party for parts of Portugal, like Cascais, Tróia or Algarve, it can also be arranged.

The best way to contact us is using the buttons of Contact and Whatsapp .

Most of the boats have a bluetooth standard connection.

The best suggestion is preparing your playlists and bring them already downloaded on your the device.

As everyone will have access to the WIFI, it can get slower downloading the music at the same time as all the other guests use it.

Yes, but most of the times and for the price/convenience, it’s better to hire this service from us.

You will just enjoy the hen boat party, and will not be worried about carrying the catering, drinks and ice to the boat.

Contact us to receive the the flier with all the info.

Yes, the prices include crew and all operational costs.

Please contact us via Chat to receive the Flier with all information for this.

There are options of boats for groups up to 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 40 / 55 and 150 guests.

LisbonYacht is the leader organizing bachelorette boat parties in Lisbon.

If you need more information please contact us, we promise a quick reply!

Bachelorette boat parties are an amazing way to celebrate the date with your best friends!

On a boat, the party will be lot’s on fun and far away from other people’s attention.

The boats have all you need for a great event! The crew is included and also all the operational costs. The boats have bluetooth sound system where you can pair a smartphone.

The boat will depart from a marina in Lisbon. All details will be given to you when booking.

Hen boat parties are an amazing experience! Trust us the boat organization and you will not regret!

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