Discover the Secret Points of Lisbon that will Enchant You

5 Interesting things to do in Lisbon 2 There are secret spots to visit in Lisbon that will provide you with a unique gland of the city! Basílica da Estrela, the National Tile Museum, Colecção Berardo, and many others are mandatory stops when you pass through Lisbon. If you do it on a boat tour, your traveling experience becomes more enjoyable.

The National Tile Museum

If you love tile design, you should visit the striking museum endowed with azulejos. The museum is likely the most fantastic tile decoration you will ever see. The building is keenly dedicated to the Manueline style, Madre de Deus. Moor bought it in the 16th century, but it still had some distinct touch of 20th-century design. This museum has various ceramic designs of different sizes, with adorned cobalt surfaces. Every visitor needs to locate this secret place, located outside central Lisbon. When you reach Santa Apolónia, you can quickly reach your destination through Praça do Comércio.

Basílica da Estrela

5 Interesting things to do in Lisbon You can quickly notice the gigantic building of the Basilica de Estrela from Tram 28 – a tall feature with gorgeous domes that can be easily detected. The terrace lets tourists see the Tejo River, where you can rent a boat and see the city from another perspective. The exterior design of the church mimics that of Baroque, with colored stones dominating the interior. It is located at Praça da Estrela Lisboa, and you can easily reach there from the Tram 25 route.

Natural Beauty of Tróia

This is one of the secret places to explore if you want to sightsee a remarkable natural view. We truly encourage you to contact a sailing company with expertise in boat tours able to organize unique experiences. The beach has one of the most striking features in Lower Alentejo. During the sunny season, you can easily see the soft yellow glow of the sand. The headlands region of the beach also gives tourists access to view the Parque Natural de Arrábida.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

It is a historical place for Lisbon, not far from the shore of the Tejo River. Something astonishing about this place is the proper standing statues since the Age of Discovery, far dated to the early 1960s. The beige stones remain to date, often serving as the highlight of recovery for tourists. Two of the ironic figures you would find are Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama. You can see these legendary figures passing through the Santa Maria de Belém.

Coleção Berardo Museum

Belem Lisbon This museum was created in 2007 and has art collections from top talents. Some of the talented works in the museum are; Donald Judd, Pablo Picasso, and Piet Mondrian. The beauty of this place is that you can either visit the section with contemporary art or the other section with 1900-1960 artworks. It is not only one of the secrets in Lisbon but also houses the gems in the city. This world-class museum hosts about 2.5 million guests yearly and allows photographers and artists to feed their imaginations. However, it is also open to regular touring purposes, displaying arts that portray European cubism. You can reach the destination from Praça de Comercio and Tram 15.